Girls’ Generation talks about ‘I Got A Boy’, drinking and marriage

In a recent interview, Girls’ Generation was asked about their new comeback song – ‘I Got A Boy’. ‘I Got A Boy’ is an electronic dance song that combines pop, retro, urban genre. As the public listened to the song, most people thought it was ‘fresh’ or ‘unfamiliar’, so what do the members think?

They answered, “Since we are making a comeback after such a long time, we were troubled by the image that we should present this time. Although many people are still new to many things, in fact no matter which song we sing, a part of it definitely contains our style.” Taeyeon said, “As they listen, they will get used to it.” while Tiffany said, “Instead, if they are unable to understand the song the first time they listen, that will make them listen more.” To that, YoonA explained, “If you still find it difficult to understand, then please watch our performance.”

Without realizing it, it has been 6 years since Girls’ Generation’s debut. In these 6 years, other girl groups had their share of crises but it was smooth sailing for Girls’ Generation.

Yet, members did not agree with that. Sooyoung said, “Crises? Internally, we always have that. Every day, we encounter crises. It’s like, we are walking on a piece of ice. Also, how is it possible for a group with 9 girls to not have friction between them?”

To the question why there were no news reports of any friction, the girls revealed their method to solve problems. Hyoyeon said, “Usually, our talks that seem useless are actually useful. Even if we quarrel we will gradually solve it. We believe firmly in each other.” In fact, members of Girls’ Generation have known one another for an average of 10 years.

Girls’ Generation has also grown up to meet the legal drinking age. When asked to choose the member that drinks the most, they answered, “Our drinking capacity differs when drinking different types of alcohol. Among us, Sunny is a good drinker regardless of type of drink while Tiffany and Yoona are the members, whose cheeks do not flush after drinking.”

When they were asked if they were afraid of pictures being taken recently, they said, smiling, “That’s why we choose to stay at home instead of going out and we play games a lot.”

On the day when the interview was conducted, Sunye of Wonder Girls attended a wedding dress photoshoot. Her natural image led the topic of discussion to marriage.

Unexpectedly, Girls’ Generation stayed cool towards this where Taeyeon said, “If members want marriage, of course we will be supportive” and Seohyun added, “but that is possible only after our approval (of the opposite party).”

Tiffany said, “When members of Spice Girls gathered to watch the musical ‘Viva Forever’, we talked about marriage. We said, “By then, we also hope to gather, either bringing our husbands or going alone.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be promoting ‘I Got A Boy’ in January in Korea and move on to their Arena Tour concert in Japan in February.

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