Fans Got Captivated by JYJ’s Jaejoong MV Mine

The music Video was got praised for showing the figure of Jaejoong not only as a idol singer or an actor but also totally in music.

Hero Jaejoong has released the music video for the new single “Mine”. In the video, that members of JYJ brought the concept of a dark and gothic.

Although impressed creepy, the fans praised the totality of Jaejoong for to work on the music video. According to C-JES Entertainment, filming the music video “Mine” is spending time over 60 hours. Reportedly, Jaejoong was injured when made of the video.

“Kim Jaejoong is not only a singer, dancer or actor. He is an art,” said a fan. “I can not stop admiring his song. Jaejoong is perfect. Voice, looks, acting, dancing. Everything,” said another fan.

Soompi review that this song “Mine” describes the frustration and Jaejoong’s anger towards someone or something who tried to enter his private area. It is revealed in the lyrics that when translated reads, “Do not come here / this is my ocean / / I am afraid that this place will be tainted as well/ / This is my ocean / / Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me.”

“Mine” is also the title of Jaejoong’s first mini-album which release on January 17. In addition, the mini album also presenting “One Kiss” that has been reap success in some countries.

Indonesia Source: wowkeren
Translated by: miaw of JYJ3