Elle Girl 'Yang Yoseob is serious'

EG Just yesterday, you released your solo album online. Are you constantly checking the music charts or the fans’ reactions online? Of course I am.(laughs) I’m checking the music charts every hour. This is an extension line from BEAST promotions and if I do well BEAST will do well so, more than feeling nervous in a good way I’m worried and the pressure is big. Of course once I start promoting I’ll probably do so enjoyably.

EG While making the album did a lot of your ideas get reflected? I think choosing the musical concept is important. At first the company wanted me to sing a ballad that would show off my vocals but, to be honest I’m not the type to sing just standing still. That’s why I said we should do something that’s emotional but you could still show it off in a performance and so out came ‘Caffeine’. I think a good song was produced because I kept discussing with Junhyung.

EG If you were to choose a song from your album that was difficult to sing or one that you had to work especially hard for?They were pretty similar but, if I had to choose one I would choose the 4th track ‘Still I’. Truthfully I can’t produce a smooth falsetto. I think it’s because while doing BEAST music I would sing sharp falsettos to match the songs. However this song needed thin falsettos so it was a bit difficult.

EG Truthfully speaking, while doing BEAST promotions did you ever regret not being able to show your full potential as a vocalist? No. I think I was able to show enough of it. It’s just that the parts were divided into 6, it wasn’t very different from the kind of music that I wanted to do. Out of all the comments about BEAST my favourite is the saying ‘group without a hole’. I promoted with pride and confidence as the main vocal of the group without a hole.

EG What do you think of your voice? What are your charms or strong points as a vocalist? Strong points I guess it’s that I can produce many different voices? My vocal range isn’t super high nor is it really low. With an average male vocal range I can give various colours to a song. I think that is my role and what I’m most confident with.
EG If you had to choose a voice you’re most envious of as a singer? Dongwoon(BEAST’s Son Dongwoon). Sadly Dongwoon hasn’t received the spotlight yet. He has a nice ring and substance. He’s a friend who is very good at singing. Often when I hear Dongwoon sing, because he has a voice tone that I do not possess I think to myself, ‘Ah I wish I had that ring and I wish I could sing with that heavy tone.’
EG Are there any habits or personality changes you faced after becoming a member of BEAST? First of all I became even more serious about everything. When I was a trainee it was just my own life. However now if I make a mistake on stage, not only does it affect my image but it could also affect the image of the 5 others. Also in the same way if I do well then BEAST as a whole can shine. After that I think I’ve become more serious with every word and action.

EG Besides practicing singing what do you do in your spare time? Sports, games, drinking, and such are your interests similar to guys your age? I’m not too sure, first of all I can’t drink very well. It’s not that I couldn’t drink originally but, I think it’s because I haven’t been drinking. Hm…. how do I play? Occasionally I meet with my friends or the dance team and talk… I think I just play soundly. I don’t do much.
EG Later don’t you want to push everything back and just play? Of course there are times where I played like that. It hasn’t been like that the whole time since we’ve debuted 3 years ago. BEAST members together have gone drinking together and, we’ve gone to a leisure pension and played.
EG When someone says “Yang Yoseob is this kind of person”, what do you want to hear? A hard-working and sincere person. To be honest I’m not as hard-working and sincere but, it is something I’m personally working on. It wish people could acknowledge that.
EG Upcoming 2013 what kind of year do you want it to be? In 2013 I want to fill up the Tokyo dome and I want to release a lot of albums. I don’t BEAST has been able to release many albums in Korea. We’ve only been able to release one this year as well. I feel apologetic to the fans about that. Next year I wish to release at least 2-3 albums.

EG You’re a workaholic. Aren’t you living too tightly? I think it’s best to do everything while you can. I’m going to earn lots of money now and play later. Haha.
EG Obviously you want to become an even better singer later, then what kind of man do you want to be? What kind of man do you think is really cool? Isn’t a man who focuses on his work really cool? A man who focuses on his work and takes care of himself well. I hope I don’t change too much.