CNBlue's Jonghyun reveals his personal thoughts on Ceci!

Ceci: What makes you feel best when it comes to describing your name?
Jonghyun: Firmly, as ever, the man who is playing the guitar and singing on the left. Lee JongHyun of CNBLUE. This is my favorite phrase to describe me.

Ceci: You’ve covered most of Asia and then last September you held <CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON> in the United Kingdom. London is the mother land of rock that you’ve always wanted to visit and also the hometown of The Beatles.
Jonghyun: I was proud and happy because that stage was what I was dreaming for. Fans are always the same anywhere, but for that one time, their hair colors are different from that of Asian fans. That gave me quite a different feeling, seeing fans with blonde hairs dancing and giving great cheers to us. It’s just like watching foreign music video on television while standing on the stage. I kept on watching outside of the window at the hotel because it was wonderful to visit London for that performance. I walked here and there for half a day and took lots of photos.

Ceci: You’ve finished the concert beautifully, and also  successfully finished a drama.
Jonghyun: I am happy because I had a good result for my first start, but to consider it to be that successful, that’s too absurd I think. I had just started and I still have a long way to go. I will try to go to the end for as long as I can. Of course, the foundation is CNBLUE. I could be an actor because I am the member of CNBLUE.

Ceci: Is there any specific role for you want to try as an actor?
Jonghyun: If I get the chance, I want to play a character like Ha JungWoo sunbaenim  in the movie “Nameless Gangster” . Also, Kim NamGil sunbaenim in the drama “Bad Man” was really attractive. Those who have watched them must have fell for their manliness. In Gyeongsang Province dialect, it is called as “꾸리한” [kku:ri:ha:n] or “까리한” [kka:ri:ha:n]. It would be interesting if there’s really such “kkarihan” character in real life.

T/N: “까리한” [kka:ri:ha:n] would simply mean, a manly man. A man full of masculinity. JH mentioned about this in Radio Star. ^^

Ceci:We heard that your role model is Jang DongGun.
Jonghyun: He is not only in great in acting but also has a wonderful personality in real life. Even with just a word, I could feel his warmth. When I was filming ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, Jang DongGun sunbaenim said “you’re doing a great job”to me. Even though at that time I was not doing well, I could do much better because of him. It was a magical sentence. I was happy and that made me smile. I want to be a nice senior just like Jang DongGun sunbaenim.

Ceci: What is “extreme” manliness to you?
Jonghyun: Simple honesty. The word itself is just like a man. I’m 100% honest. That means, I’m an extremely manly guy. (laugh)

Ceci: Which is why you’ve got yourself titles like 24-year-old manly man, musician’s popularity, and even a rising star in acting. The dramatic year has passed by. You have accomplished many things, but is there anything you think you’re missing being in you 20s?
Jonghyun: I do my best all the time, but as always regret follows too. That’s only natural. Anyway, I’m a simple guy, so even though when I get angry or feel regret, I can forget it easily. Fortunately, that’s just who I am and I’m comfortable with that.

Ceci: Maybe you should date. What kind of a woman that would shake your reason?
Jonghyun: Jeon JiHyun, Son YeJin, Park ShiYeon. They are the ideal types in my life. To find the something common between them may be…  they are pure, innocent and sexy?

Ceci: What kind of woman is sexy for you?
Jonghyun: Like the lyrics in PSY sunbaenim’s song, a girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes.

Ceci:Let’s pick 3 of your 3 attractions to appeal as the boyfriend to a fun girl who knows how to play.
Jonghyun: I am reliable man, and have good manner. What’s more, I intend to sing a song every day for my girl.

Ceci: Looks like you know the charm of the guy who can sing.
Jonghyun: Well, that’s just the basic of a man.

Ceci: What are the best songs that are good to hear with a girl or those that you wanna sing for her?
1 ‘P.D.A’ by John Legend. Contrary to the beautiful mood of the song, the lyrics are very sexy.
2 ‘Belief’ by John Mayer. This song may be good to hear when having a cup of coffee together.
3 ‘Love Without U’ by Robin Thicke. I like the mood of that song.

Ceci: I heard you’re close JongHyun of SHINee, who is the same age as you.
Jonghyun: No, I’m not familiar with him. Where did you hear that? (He got serious for short time) Haha! Actually we are close. JongHyun is a friend who is always bright and funny. When I was rookie, I was worn out due to many things, and he approached me and comforted me, so we became friends. I often hear that I’m older than my age, but when I meet JongHyun, I feel like I’m back again to my real age, so I feel good.

Ceci: Why do people say that you’re older than your real age?
Jonghyun: I never hear that from close fellows, but when I meet new people for the first time, I often hear like ‘you’re like already in your 30s.’ I think  maybe because I’m usually calm. But that doesn’t mean that I’m shy with strangers or pretentious. I don’t know, you think so? Did I change while working?

Ceci: We met you for the first time and now we are doing this interview. To me you’re in the early twenties but, I can feel that you are relaxed just like a full grown-up man. It’s weird.
Jonghyun: Is that so? (laugh)

Ceci: So you got deceived by SHINee JongHyun, instead of  Diablo game CD he gave you a snack. Your response was funny, according to his twitter. So, it’s time for revenge. How about revealing one of his secrets?
Jonghyun: What a bad guy… ! But I won’t do cheap thing. I will protect him because he is also a good guy.

Ceci: SHINee JongHyun, TEENTOP JongHyun, actor and model JongHyun, NU’EST JongHyun. There are many JongHyuns in our entertainment industry. Let’s see why you’re the best among them.
1 I can sing and play guitar.
2 I am the whitest/fairest.
3 I am CNBLUE.

Ceci: This is the first cover interview  to mark the start of 2013, and today’s topic is ‘CNBLUE’s New Year Party’. If you are the host, then where, what and how would you want to hold the party?
Jonghyun: I will eat meat until my tummy bursts. If someone will buy for me, I will draw circle on the sirloin part of the beef.
T/N: “Draw a circle” means he will take the sirloin, which is the best and expensive part of the meat. and his favorite.

Ceci: I wonder how your new year will be with the members.
Jonghyun: On new year,  we get vacations every year. Last year, we went snowboarding and it was exciting. We promised to go together every year, so I guess this year we will also be in the snow park. YongHwa hyung is the best surfer. JungShin is a slow learner. His development speed is… terrible. MinHyuk is the best in ball games, and I’m the best  when it comes to using strength. Instead, Jungshin is very good at making gags using his body.

Ceci: Let’s check out three things you want to surely ans speedily achieve this year. Saying your goal over and over helps you to reach it more easily.
1 I am really happy now, so I hope this time keeps on going!
2 Going strong without any mishaps!
3 Let’s make more good music!

Ceci: Please tell Minhyuk who is next to you, the words of blessing for the new year.
Jonghyun: I trust you all the time, so I never doubt you will do well. My awesome brother, please keep on growing well like now. Ps. Live your life cheerfully.

Ceci: Last, we will make a ‘TIP or Manual Instruction of Lee JongHyun’ to get to know you better. Please fill in the blank properly.
Jonghyun: “I live to eat. If I miss meal time, I’m quite upset and my voice becomes bigger, so if you give me meal in the right time, there will be no problem. If you think I look anxious, put me to sleep. I can even run well after charging. In conclusion, I’m very easy to handle.”

Translated by: BOICE@eternalfor_jh
Edited+Posted by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm