CNBLUE’s first live performance of Yonghwa’s composition “Coffee Shop”: Mind-blowing!

Male group CNBLUE performed “Coffee Shop“, a track from their new mini album in all-live stage.

On the 20 January broadcast of SBS Inkigayo, CNBLUE‘s powerful and rough charms were vividly seen during their comeback stage when they performed “Coffee Shop”.

This song was composed by leader Jung Yonghwa who was inspired by the coffee shops in Hongdae and this song shows the many elements of live performance which is widely known as all the members favorite kind of song.

Lee Jonghyun has said that this song is his most favorite track from this album while Kang Minhyuk said, “When I heard Yonghwa Hyung’s guide version of this song I thought to myself..’this is going to be awesome’. People really need to listen to this song too, not just our title song “I’m Sorry”.”

Lee Jungshin also commented,“It’s a song that is fun to perform live.” Not only the members, their fellow label mate FTISLAND Lee Hongki also showed interest in this song.

On January 14, the day CNBLUE‘s fourth mini album “Re:BLUE” was released, Lee Hongki tweeted: “CNBLUE “I’m Sorry” like like, it’s awesome! But I like ‘Coffee Shop’”.

 Meanwhile, CNBLUE is sweeping all the charts with their title song “I’m Sorry” and they also showed strong and unbeatable comeback stages when they performed all-live.

Source: TVDaily
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm