CL gets followed by Rihanna and snaps a shot with A$AP Rocky.. “

 member girl group 2NE1(CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji)’s CL has been drawing attention for the ties that she was developed with renowned international musicians one after another.

Firstly, female worldwide pop star Rihanna first showed interest in CL through SNS. She had followed CL first on photo-sharing sns, Instagram.

In fact, this has been a hot topic among CL’s domestic fans (Korean) since the 20th. CL’s fans had reactions such as “Jackpot”, “Really amazing” towards this news as Rihanna following CL reveals her great interest in CL.

Recently, on the 19th, CL also posted a photo with the hottest rookie rapper in U.S these days, A$ap Rocky, on her Instagram. The chic expressions on both of them brought smiles to all who saw the photo.
CL’s fans showed much interest in the photo that she took with A$ap Rocky and had reactions such as “Look at her connections”, “I’m getting goosebumps” when they saw it.

A representative of CL’s agency, YG Entertainment told Star News, “CL had gone to London in the U.K for a photoshoot. She met A$ap Rocky there and took a picture with him.”

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