Byul transforms into Kungfu Panda

Despite being married, singer Byul displayed her adorable charms.

On January 15, Byul shared the picture above on her Twitter and wrote, “Wearing Kungfu Panda jumper that my husband (HaHa) bought me at Itaewon. Trying hard to make my face look as small as possible.”

In the picture is Byul who is wearing a panda-designed hoodie jumper and smiling adorable at the camera. Her cute look is particularly drawing many people’s attention despite being a 31 year old married woman.

Netizens commented, “She’s so lovely”, “I’d love to have one, too” and “HaHa loves her so much.”

Meanwhile, Byul and HaHa tied the knot in November of last year at the 63 Building in Seoul.