BTOB's Minhyuk: “Yewon seems to be my ideal type”

tvN Romantic Dating show “The Romantic & Idol” aired last Sunday. The program also started with the idols first meeting.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s Minhyuk formally met his date, and said: “I like girls who have round cheeks, like Jewelry Yewon”, “I am very fond of her.” Coincidentally, Yewon also said he recently got introduced to BTOB and is concerned of Minhyuk.

The two encountered each others ideal types  and had a lovely time together. Minhyuk e also broke the news: “In the past, television stations where in he said Yewon really is very cool and thinks that his sister will really get along with her.

trans: kkennooo@BTOBUPDATES
source: kpopn