Block B sues agency Stardom; demands cancellation of contract

Hip hop group Block B has filed a case against their agency Stardom due to the company neglecting to pay them over the past year and has sent petition that their contract be nullified.

According to reports, The 7-member group Block B has filed the suit with the Seoul Central District Court, stating that their contract guaranteed that on the 25th of every following month appropriate payment will be given, in addition to providing proper education and housing. However, the members stated that the agency failed to meet these obligations for about a year since April 2011.

The suit goes on to claim that the group’s financial issues with Stardom started last March when one member’s contract was ended and his portion of the pay was calculated. Appearance fees from events as well as pay from drama OSTs, Japanese fan clubs and more have been omitted.

According to the members, the executive of the agency collected 70 million won from the members’ parents under pretense of promotions and production costs then disappeared. The executive is said to have never listened to the members opinions and directed all on his way.

An official statement regarding the lawsuit has not been released from Stardom at this time.

Source: Nate