Billboard introduces INFINITE as ‘K-Pop Rising Star’

Billboard introduces INFINITE as ‘K-Pop Rising Star’

INFINITE was featured in the Billboard’s homepage as part of the website’s ‘K-Pop Rising Star’ segment.

On January 30, INFINITE was introduced on K-Town by the US Billboard under the title, “INFINITE: Video Q&A With the Rising K-Pop Superstars.”

The article introduced INFINITE to the world highlighting some of their biggest accomplishments and a brief history starting with the group’s “Come Back Again” debut in 2010, before propelling into popularity with breakout single, “Be Mine.”

The members also discuss their reaction to “The Chaser” being selected as Billboard’s number one K-Pop song of 2012. They said, “We were absolutely blown away when we first heard about it through the news that ‘The Chaser’ was chosen as the best K-POP song of the year.”

More than anything, it is particularly interesting that Billboard is showing a great interest in INFINITE even though they never started a career in the US.

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