BEG’ JeA reunites With Narsha, shines bright on solo debut

Brown Eyed Girls’ sexpot, Narsha, is always happy to help out her bandmates. She introduced Ga-In to the joys of girl-on-girl kissing, joined Miryo on Music Bank when the rapper’s hit, “Dirty,” was deemed unsuitable for broadcast, and just this weekend, she helped JeA with a duet performance on Immortal Song 2. In case you didn’t know, Immortal Song is like American Idol or The Voice, but for established K-pop stars instead of hopeful wannabes. JeA is a contestant on the current season, and called up Narsha to try and help her win with a special mash-up performance of Uhm Jung-hwa’s classic, “On the Count of 3,” and BEG’s own smash, “Abracadabra.”

As expected, JeA and Narsha’s vocals were no joke. The two K-divas absolutely powered through the song without fault, living up to their title as one of Korea’s premiere vocal groups. The male contestants backstage cheered excitedly when Narsha stepped out to start performing the “Abracadabra” hip dance choreography, while Uhm Jung-hwa herself watched the entire performance from the front row, smiling and swaying to the music.

We know that the Brown Eyed Girls are currently in the midst of solo promotions, but seeing this really makes us want a group comeback from the foursome this year.

JeA’s long-awaited solo album, Just JeA, finally dropped a few days ago, making her the last Brown Eyed Girl to go solo. The album’s lead single, “While You Were Asleep,” is a beautiful power ballad bursting with dramatic production changes and heart-wrenching lyrics about unrequited love. It’s definitely a more unique approach to your standard K-pop ballad, which really comes as no surprise since BEG is known for always stepping outside the box.

So far, Just JeA is off to a smashing start. Buzz single, “Let’s Hug,” topped digital charts shortly after its release and is still in the top 10 of the instiz iChart, while “While You Were Asleep” is currently performing solidly, sitting comfortably in the top fifteen.

Check out JeA’s latest, below.

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