BEAST Yoseob, “I’ve received a confession from a female idol before”

Idol group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob has revealed that he received a confession from a female idol before.

In the recent recording for ‘Beatles Code 2′, Yang Yoseob has revealed a story about receiving a confession from a female idol.

As Yoseob reveals, MC Shindong asked, “Were you not interested in that celebrity?”.

Yoseob responded, “I do like her, but I was scared” and, “I don’t think I can handle meeting a celebrity anyhow. I don’t want to hurt her and her members”, he expressed.

Yang Yoseob then followed with, “Up till now, I’m still close with that female idol”. In order to reveal more about the girl member, the MCs then asked a ton of questions. MC Jang DongMin asked, “She uses a Korean name? Or an English name?”, causing Yoseob to be in a panic state.

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Source: My Daily