BEAST Jun Hyung, Completed writing the rap lyrics for ’5! My Baby’ in 10 minutes an issue!

It is said that BEAST’s member Yong Jun Hyung had completed writing the rap part lyrics for ’5! My Baby’ in almost 10 minutes, shocking A PINK and other representatives.

School uniform brand – Skool Looks – revealed the behind-the-scenes to the song, ’5! My Baby’, which was sang by endorsement models BEAST and A PINK, and was released on the 7th.

‘Yong Jun Hyung’, who is famous for being a capable singer excelling in music and lyrics composition, was initially inconvenienced by ’5! My Baby”s existing rap part and hence, took the lead first by displaying his drive, as he actively gave his detailed opinions on the complete revision of the rap lyrics; ’5! My Baby’ was a song prepared as a collaboration with BEAST and A PINK.

The part that ‘Yong Jun Hyung’ personally composed came out in the middle section, in English, “Let’s ride on this track! Keep dancing, Keep grooving. Let’s ride with me.” The insertion of the rap lyrics expressed the lightheartedness of the song.

Source; Issue&News
Translated by; (@B2STSG)