B2ST’s comic series to be released in Asian countries

B2ST’s popular comic series will begin selling throughout Asia.

The production company behind B2ST’s hit comic series, ‘The Beast’, announced that the series would soon be sold in various countries in Asia. The first volume of the series will be published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia in the local languages on January 30.

The producers added that distributors in China, Japan and even Brazil were showing interest in the series as well.

A representative of the publishing company stated, “The comic book ‘The Beast’ combines action, comedy, and romance. It mixes an intriguing storyline and the popularity of B2ST.”

Penned by writers Kim Hye Jin and Kim Hak Book, ‘The BEAST’ is an action-fantasy series depicting the friendship and adventures of B2ST members as superheroes. The group will be releasing its second volume ‘Another BEAST’ on January 16th.