A Fanboy Figure Skater Lee Junhyung Mentions Junsu at His Interview

A Fanboy Figure Skater Lee Junhyung mentions JYJ's Junsu at his interview

• Is XIA Junsu awesome or Kim Suhyun awesome?

When their practice is over they go back home with their parents. It is a rest time for them after 6 days a week of hard training from morning to afternoon. We were curious about how they spend their time, what entertainer they like and how is their life behind the name of ‘national figure skaters’

“Sometimes I stay at home and sometimes I go to the movies with my friends. I like Kim Suhyun oppa the most. I got to know him by ‘Moon Embracing the Son’ and I fell for him.” As Park Sohyun talked, Lee Junhyung teased her that she called Kim Suhyung ‘oppa.’ Park Sohyun snapped at Lee Junhyung, “You like XIA Junsu too.” Unusually, the entertainer Lee Junhyung likes is XIA Junsu (Kim Junsu) of JYJ, not a girl group.

Lee Junhyung shyly confessed, “I usually listen to music a lot, and if I get to like one song, I keep repeating that one song until I get fed up with it. I like dance music too, but I prefer songs with many high-notes and good vocals. It was XIA Junsu’s voice which touched my heart.” It turned out that they even talk to each other on Twitter. Does XIA Junsu know his ‘fan boy’ is a figure skater? Lee Junhyung smiled proudly and said, “He knows (that I’m a figure skater.) He replies to me sometimes.”

Credit: OSEN
Translated By: XIAH Press