4minute's JiHyun reveals passport photo, Compared with past photo, “Increased Beauty!”

Girl group 4minute’s member Nam JiHyun’s passport photo has been gaining attention.

Nam JiHyun uploaded a picture with a caption of, “New passport photo! Somebody said it looked like a knot hair.”

In the revealed picture, Nam JiHyun was seen looking into the camera with her tied hair. In particular, her slender jawline and bright eyes have caught attention of those who set eyes on it.

In 2011, Nam JiHyun had once released her passport photo in ’4minute’s Mr Teacher’. The picture then was filled with innocent charms as Nam JiHyun revealed her bare face and let loose her long hair.

Netizens who set eyes on Nam JiHyun’s passport photo commented, “Nam JiHyun’s passport picture really changed a lot”, “Nam JiHyun’s passport picture changes well (T/N: becomes prettier)”, “Nam JiHyun’s passport picture is filled with innocence,” and various more responses.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: MTN News