2YOON Gayoon, “I lost 8kg from dancing, my outfits don’t fit.”

2YOON has debuted with a 180 degree transformation from 4minute.

The unit group comprised of Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon has recently released their first mini album “Harvest Moon” and begun promotions with their title track 24/7. They are the first idol group to attempt the genre of country-pop and have shown fun dance stages. The diet choreography of 24/7 that is easy to follow has already been in the limelight. Many people have already uploaded choreography videos onto online sites so that others can learn 2YOON’s dance. The members of 2YOON have also become naturally thin through practicing the choreography. Moreover, the diet dance has been revealed to be the secret to their beauty.

Jiyoon mused, “The dance is also a diet. The two of us have really become skinnier. There will definitely be results. Gayoon really made a big fuss about it.” Upon hearing Jiyoon’s words, Gayoon rolled up her sleeves to show her cuffs. “I only have to do the 24/7 dance twice and I start to sweat a lot. The Volume Up dance was much easier in comparison.”

Gayoon continued to reveal, “I really sweat a lot from the dance. I lost 8kg since our promotions from Volume Up. Now all my pants are too big. All the clothes we prepared don’t fit. I have to wear the smallest size trousers and cuffs.” Gayoon explained further, “There hasn’t been anything strange with our health, so we’re not worried.”

Jiyoon added, “I think dancing our choreography is a fun way to diet. Since the song is fun and the dance is interesting, there are plans to reveal our own choreography video as well.”

“Truthfully, (Kim) Soojung made an appearance on our stages but she ate before practice and she ate after practicing as well. She would say, “I already ate but why am I still hungry?” and eat twice. The dance burns a lot of calories because you keep bouncing,” Gayoon added. “There is no break in the dance to rest,” agreed Jiyoon.

The song 24/7 carries the message of escaping our boring daily routines to find a new exciting lifestyle. The song starts with a exciting introduction and continues its festive atmosphere with a upbeat melody.

Source: NATE
Cr: applemango @ 4-minute.com