2PM’s Chansung shows sexy abs on ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’

MBC TV’s upcoming series ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ has revealed teaser still cuts of a sweaty looking 2PM’s Chansung with his sexy abs, leaving a deep impression on fans.

The photos show Chansung cooling off as he lifts up his shirt, showing off firm abs and gunshot scars. In the series, Chansung plays the role of Gong Do Ha, an intelligent, cold-hearted agent who is secretly in love with Seo Won (played by Choi Kang Hee).

A representative revealed, “It is normal for people to get tired after long hours of working out, but Chansung was able to keep his energy levels from the beginning till the end while filming, and everyone was stunned by his enthusiasm. Please look forward to his charismatic, mature look to be seen in the series.”

‘My Girlfriend Is an Agent’ will premiere on January 23rd.