2PM’s Chansung makes successful first appearance ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’

2PM’s Chansung made a powerful first appearance on the new Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’.

The 2nd episode of the drama had drawn viewer’s attention by having multiple NIS (National Intelligence Service) agents such as Chansung, Kim Min-Seo, and I-Elle, etc. Furthermore, the appearance of the decent agent, Gong Do Ha (Chansung), who seemed not to have taken his eyes off Kim Seo Won (Choi Gang Hee) was enough to shake female hearts.

Gong Do Ha and Kim Seo Won have their first encounter while Kim Seo Won Hee was trying to avoid Gil Ro (Joo Won) at the NIS interview, resulting to drag Do Ha as her shield. Ever since then, Do Ha couldn’t help hiding the feeling that he began to have for Seo Won.

Furthermore, the veil of Do Ha’s bullet-scarred abs was revealed, in turn provoking the motherly instinct of female viewers.

‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ is the romance action performance where everything else of the newbie agents is lie except the love they have. The drama is on air every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9.55PM.