2PM successfully hold a concert in Nagoya

Idol group 2PM heated up Nagoya, Japan with their successful sold-out ARENA TOUR “LEGEND OF 2PM” in Nagoya Gaishi Hall on January 24th and 25th.

During the concert, 2PM appeared on the stage with a more dignified charisma, evoked shouts from the audience with the complete, illustrious performance. In particular, the roomful of 10,000 fans in Nagoya Gaishi Hall sang along in harmony when the yet unreleased songs from the 2nd full-length album were performed on the stage, amazing the local related staff members.

Meanwhile, there also was the member Junho’s birthday party on the concert on the 25th.

Junho, who had a 24th birthday on the 25th, spent an impressive birthday with a surprise party prepared by 2PM members and a birthday song by the fans. Especially, on the 25th, the fans brought yellow fan lights that represent Junho, unfolding stunning scenery as the concert venue was embroidered with 10,000 beautiful yellow fan lights when the birthday song was played.

2PM has conveyed, “It was a royal time to experience many fans’ love. Us 2PM will always make a greater effort and do our best as much as the expectations of the fans who support 2PM. Thank you.”
2PM continues the excitements of the ARENA TOUR in Osaka from the 28th to the 30th.

Meanwhile, 2PM has a Tokyo Dome concert that will bring 11,000 audiences ahead on the upcoming April 20th and 21st.

Source: JYP Entertainment