2AM Seulong's Favorite Items

2AM Seulong's revealed his favorite items

- Soccer
Basketball, boxing, swimming, etc. As long as it is sports, I really like them all. But as I started doing activities as a part of the Celebrity Soccer Team not long ago, I've been obsessed with soccer. And recently, because I had injured my leg, I had no choice but to feel frustrated by the fact that I couldn't play any sports for quite a while. I really want to recover fast and play sports again. T.T

- Shopping
As a celebrity, eventually you'll have to take care of your fashion sense in one way or another. But putting aside that fact, I really do have interest in fashion. That's why I often go shopping with the other members, and even if our schedule clashes, I could still go shopping here and there by myself. And since I find enjoyment in decorating, it can really~ release me from my stress and even offers a healing effect. I really like shopping!

- Necktie & Handkerchief
Sunglasses, hats, neckties, etc. Since I have extreme interest in accessories, collecting them has been my hobby lately. Occupation-wise, there are times when you have to go to a ceremony or a party and you'll have to dress fancy, won't you? So I've come to collect them little by little because of that. As for neckties, I've only started collecting them recently, so currently I have around 20-30. A small prop can complete one's fashion. Haha.

- Movie (Blue Valentine)
I'm the type of person who must watch a movie or two before I go to sleep. I've revealed the movie that I've been really satisfied with recently, which is indeed the movie where my favorite actor stars, "Blue Valentine." It tells the story of a couple who got married because they loved each other, when reality strikes them and various problems started to rise between them. Even though there are some parts where I feel frustrated and annoyed while watching the movie, overall, I can sympathize with it, and it is oddly a very charming movie.

Credit: http://blog.samsungdisplay.com/559
Translated by bbiyak25 @ W2D