2AM Seulong is jealous of Sunye!

Im Seulong "I'm jealous of Sunye, I want to get married too and have a child.”
Jung Jinwoon "I couldn't date after I debuted. I don't even remember when the last time I dated was."

2AM have revealed their inner thoughts and true feelings about love and dating.

While participating in the pictorial photoshoot for the February edition, 2AM have also carefully shown their thoughts about dating while living as an idol in an interview done by "AtStyle" (@star1) that will be included in the March 21st edition of the magazine.

2AM have not once been revealed that they're in a relationship or the sort since their debut. Jo Kwon did have past activities with Brown Eyed Girl's Gain as a make-believe married couple in MBC "We Got Married," but that was it. And even with that, none of the members really have been rumored or even in a love scandal not even once, including Jo Kwon.

When Jung Jinwoon was asked when was the last time he dated, he confessed, "It has been so long, I can't really remember." He continued, "After 2AM debuted, I couldn't find the time to date. I was busy exercising and practicing and all, there was really no time for it. It's not that I don't want to date, but my ideal type is a girlfriend that I can be comfortable with, even in public."

At the news of Im Seulong's close friend and fellow colleague, Sunye, getting married, he confessed, "I'm still not sure about dating for now, but one thing for sure is I do want to get married as fast as possible. That's why I'm quite jealous of Sunye. Moreover, I really adore children, so I really want to get married soon and have a child of my own."

On a side note, 2AM is scheduled to have a comeback with a new album in the first-half of 2013. This has been the February edition of "AtStyle" filled with 2AM's new year's honest thoughts and stories.

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Translated by bbiyak25 @ W2D