Yoon Si Yoon clarifies he wasn’t looking at Park Shin Hye’s chest

Actor Yoon Si Yoon cleared up any misunderstandings about a particular photo where he was captured having naughty eyes.

On the December 18th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Boom and Kim Ji Hoon claimed, “Yoon Si Yoon is a pervert,” and brought out a picture of Yoon Si Yoon seemingly looking down at Park Shin Hye’s chest.

Yoon Si Yoon explained, “Shin Hye was stepping on her own dress, and I was looking at her legs.” The MCs then jokingly jeered him for using the word “legs”, to which the actor corrected, “I was looking at her feet. Shin Hye will explain everything for me.”

Then Park Shin Hye came to the rescue as she explained, The bottom part of my dress was ripped a bit, and my heels got stuck there. He is really looking at my feet”, dissolving all the misunderstandings.