Yang Yoseob, Best way to reject a girl? “Don’t beat around the bush”

Yang Yoseob has revealed his way of rejecting those of the opposite sex.

BEAST Yang Yoseob said, “I’m really a good guy”, causing laughter among MC Yoo HeeYeol and the audience.
With this, Yoo HeeYeol made up a situation to try to observe Yang Yoseob’s response. Yoo HeeYeol asked, “One day you went out to meet a girl. She isn’t your type but she likes you very much. What will you do?”

Yang Yoseob then followed by, “I don’t beat around the bush. I will say nicely, “I’m sorry but I think you’re not my style”.

Yoo HeeYeol who wanted to trick Yang Yoseob  said, “So do you dislike healthy women? (as in well-build women)”, once again leading to laughter.
Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Newsen