TVXQ’s Yunho cast in upcoming SBS drama

TVXQ’s Yunho has been cast in the new SBS drama, ‘Yawang’!

According to SM Entertainment, Yunho will be teaming up with Hallyu stars Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae in new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Yawang’. Yunho will be attending the script reading sessions and start filming on set in the near future.

For the drama, Yunho will play the character Baek Do Hoon, an ice hockey player and a son of Baek Chang Hak from the Baek Hak Group. He possesses both a masculine charm as well as a truthful yet subtle personality.

‘Yawang’ was adapted from Korean cartoonist Park In Kwon’s 21-part comic book ‘The President.’ It is about a woman, who overcomes poverty and becomes the first lady, and a man who sacrifices everything for her and the stories of love, betrayal and desire.

Helmed by producer Cho Nam Kook of ‘The Chaser’, the SBS hit series from 2012, the forthcoming drama will air as a follow-up to the ongoing SBS TV series ‘The Lord of Drama.’