TVXQ, f(x) and Zhang Li Yin take private jet to China for New Year Concert

SM Entertainment artists including TVXQ, f(x), Zhang Li Yin flew to Sichuan, China in a private jet to participate at the Sichuan Satellite 2013 New Year Concert.

According to SM Entertainment on December 27, the three teams received the VIP treatment by the hosts of the event, as on the morning of December 22 Sichuan TV sent a special private jet to carry them into China.

On the evening of concert, TVXQ showed performances of “Catch Me”, H“umanoids”, and “Why”. Also f(x) showed “Electric Shock”, “Pinocchio”, and “NU ABO”. Zhang Li Yin” sung two songs of hers. 8000 crowds loved the concert and they sung with the artists even though most of the songs were in Korean.