The cancellation of “What Is Mom” angers staff members and fans

The sudden cancellation of ‘What is Mom‘ angered both the staff members and fans.

One of the members of the costume team took to Twitter to tweet, “We’re getting shut down? Getting shut down? After you pretended we were just taking a break from filming? I’m not just shocked, I’m cursing! Our team mood was so good! I heard rumors, but I doubted that it was true. And now we’re getting shut down. I haven’t even been told yet. Our director is also a victim. I don’t know about everyone, but most of the actors don’t know neither. This was all a one-sided decision from MBC.”

One of the representatives from the actors’ side said, “We just heard the news today. We told the actors and they just took it quietly, but we are still shocked. We refused all other projects and focused on ‘What is Mom’, but this happened so we’re in shock.”

It is not just the staff members that are angry at the sudden cancellation, but the fans as well. Fans ofINFINITE‘s L said, “If they were going to cancel the show, they should have done it early on instead of dragging it out“, “I was hoping to see L until April of next year, but what’s this?“, and “I’m so mad at MBC right now“.

The cancellation of the sitcom came to be because the sitcom was moved from its usual time slot of 7:45 PM KST to 8:50 PM KST, dropping its ratings down to barely 5%. The last episode of ‘What is Mom’ will air on the 17th.

Source: Sports Seoul
CREDIT :  Sora Jeong