T-ara reveal their ideal type of mother and which member's child they'd want to be

I think from amongst the questions asked from the Roly Poly Interview, one question stood out. "If you were born again, whose child would you want to be from amongst the members." Before that, lets ask if you want to become mothers and if so, what is your ideal mother type?

Jiyeon: Like my mother. I want to be a wise parent.

Qri: I also want to be like my mother. Doing everything, even that which is invisible. Because I don't want to spoil my kids, I dont mind being strict.

Soyeon: I want to be the opposite of my mother. My mother exhausted me in work. She didn't think of me, but her "career of work". She made me do all the housework and raised me by exhausting me. I do want to be a hard working mom, but unlike my mom. Because I want to be a mom who makes her child grow strong.

Boram: I speak as someone who has a sense of friendsihp to my mom. If I give birth to a child, I want to be a mother who is like a friend to it.

Areum: I want to be a mother who is called upon like a friend.

Hyomin: I want to go shopping together, a mom who is a friend. Like a fashionable sistar. Even friends of my child will say "Hyomin okasan [mother] is so young", "you're beautiful!" (laughs)

Eunjung: Me...um, I haven't thought about it.

- Never have imagined it?

Eunjung: Yes. People who are loved. I think I want to give love to other people. I want to be a mother who gives a lot of love.

- Now a question from the readers; if you were born again, whose baby would you want to be. Well everyone?

Jiyeon: For me, Areum. Because I want her white complexion.

Areum: For me, Jiyeon. I'm envious of her small face and pretty skin.

Hyomin: For me Jiyeon. After all she has a cool personality and if someone bad shows up, she'll be his angry opponent.

Eunjung: For me it's Soyeon. She would make me eat my breakfast properly. Since she is strong, she would properly protect her child.

Boram: I also go for Soyeon.

Soyeon: Really? (laughs)

Boram: Because you're polite, that's why you will properly raise a child.

Soyeon: For me Eunjung. She acts like a mother in the group, I think she is the ideal person, and she is very homely.

Hyomin: Ah~ Skilled at cleaning? Maybe Qri is her own ideal type? (laughs)

Everyone: Ah~

- Does Qri think the same as the other members? (laughs)

Qri: Yep, myself. (smile)

Everyone: Hahaha!

Jiyeon: Qri would raise a strong child. She can do anything if she puts the effort. She would raise it to have an independant spirit. Though I wouldn't want her as a mom. (smile)

Everyone: We know!

- She would be strict, that's why. (smile)

Soyeon: Who would be my mom? Boram would be bad. (laughs)

Everyone: Hahaha!

Boram: Why?!

Soyeon: I'm worried about Boram changing diapers. She would feed me a lot of food, then I would become fat.

Everyone: Hahaha!

Soyeon: After that, because she is a bit childish, the daughter will have to look after the problems of her mother, but you can buy me a lot of goods and cosmetics.

Boram: Mou~ I want to get married someday. If you say that, it's not going to happen!

Everyone: Hahaha!

Source: Web 1 Week
Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem