Sunggyu, “My lethargic image..If I’m too quiet they misunderstand it, thinking I’m sick”

“I’m very healthy. Don’t misunderstand please!”

If you pay even just a bit of attention to Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu, you will get to know easily that he has unusual nicknames like ‘Gyu-lethargic’, ‘Old man’. Kim Sunggyu who explained several times on broadcast that he’s not lethargic in real life said recently during the Newsen interview as well “I wish they’d understand now that I’m not like that”.

“My variety image? Broadcasts are only broadcasts so I decided not to care about it but a lot of fans think that I’m tired and that it looks like my waist hurts. I have to look cool on stage so I can’t laugh right? So I’m preparing without any expression on my face but when I’m too quiet the fans think that I’m sick.”

Then Kim Sunggyu added “Anywhere I go, 80% of the gifts are red ginseng. Because I receive so much of it, I send some home and share it as well. I’m happy and thankful but I’m healthy, I think it’s like that because other people ask me ‘You’re tired right? You’re sick right?’” and emphasized “I hope there will be no misunderstandings. They said I looked like I had no strength but it’s not like that”.

He personally asked us to tell about his real image. Kim Sunggyu started by saying “I’m very healthy and bright. I don’t think I’m an old man or someone like that” then he said cooly “That kind of image (the old man’s image) is too strong. I’m the hyung in the team so I think it’s like that because I have a hyung’s image” and “But that’s not a bad thing so I don’t care about it”. (Is he deluding himself because contrary to what he said, he looked like he cared.)

Contributing to that image, he also stuttered and showed a lot his nervous image on ‘Immortal Song 2’. “When I did ‘Immortal Song’ I was really very nervous. When I did ‘An Impossible Love’ it was overlapping with ‘The Chaser’ so I couldn’t practice a lot. I was thinking about the lyrics even in the waiting room to memorize them but the MC told me to speak and I couldn’t reply properly. At some point, it became my concept and people were teasing me about it.”

“I was really nervous until the second or third time but during the fourth time, I got more relaxed on how to counter it. When I’m not nervous I reply well so everyone told me that it wasn’t fun and that it wasn’t what they were expecting. They were too disappointed when I was just replying so I thought that I had to somewhat take the role of the youngest so I did this kind of things on purpose too. I did that but at first I really didn’t act clumsy intentionally. I was like that because I was nervous I couldn’t remember the lyrics.”

Kim Sunggyu who promoted his first solo album’s title song ‘60 Seconds’ is going to end the promotions with SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on December 9th. He is planning to release shortly the music video of ‘I need you’, one of the album’s tracks, for the fans who are sad about it. In ‘60 Seconds”s music video, L from his group appeared as the main character but according to the representant, we will be able to see Kim Sunggyu a lot in ‘I need you”s music video.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; newsen ; take out with full credits