Standalone Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu “With the message to ‘definitely wear’ T-panties…”

Seven-member group Infinite’s leader Kim Sunggyu (22) pressed his own charms into his solo debut album. Kim Sunggyu released his solo album ‘Another Me’ the 19th of last month, opening up his solo career two years after his debut. Through ‘Another Me,’ which was released as a surprise without even the fans knowing, he has expressiveness that hangs between sexiness and sorrow, showing uncommon vocal talent and heating up the cold winter air.

If he shows an emotion-soaked rocker image in the title song ’60 Seconds,’ he proves his musicality in ‘Shine,’ with which rock band Nell’s leader gifted him, by tickling the listeners’ ears with dreamlike and beautiful tone color. “Through this album, I was able to show my own music that I’ve wanted to show over the years. I want to show that ‘Infinite’s leader can do this type of music too,” Kim Sunggyu introduced his album.

-You set off as a standalone. It must feel peculiar
“I’m really nervous. I wanted to stand on a stage with the rock genre that I’ve liked since middle school, and I’ve finally achieved that dream. It’s half excitement, half pressure.”

-Briefly introduce your album
“Title song ’60 Seconds’ is from Sweetune – the composer of Infinite’s ‘The Chaser,’ ‘Be Mine’ – ‘Shine’ is from Nell member Kim Jongwon-sunbae. Truthfully, I was influenced a lot growing up listening to Nell’s music. I feel ecstatic to have worked with Nell on this album. There are six songs including ’41 Days’ which I wrote lyrics for, but the general feel is modern rock. I made the album thinking, ‘find my own style.’ I think I’ve developed and had many experiences.”

-The members must be jealous

“But I was thankful that they cheered me on. In particular L, actively cheered me on. Even before filming the ’60 Seconds’ MV, he said, ‘Since leader hyung released a solo album, I’ll be in the music video!’ I was thankful and disappointed. The music video is focused on the story so rather than myself singing, it shows the male lead L more. I should have been the main character. Haha.”

-How was it working with Nell’s Kim Jongwan?
“I got a lot of praise and advice. I was really happy to receive the praise that my voice’s feel or emotional expression is good. Along with a lot of praise, I also heard a lot of harsh advice. Kim Jongwan-sunbae suffered because of my lacking self. I’m thankful and sorry.”

-The feel of the vocals is different with each song
“Depending on the atmosphere of the song, I sing with a rough feel or use a more sweet voice. Originally, when I sing, my voice is really thin. When I was a vocalist for a high school band, I hated my sweet voice (T/N: as in the vocal technique of singing with a sweet voice). So I practiced a rough and thick voice. As time passed, my voice got better and now I don’t force my voice to be thicker. Sometimes the vocal’s feeling changes based on the song’s atmosphere.”

-How was the arena tour last October?
“Last month on the 27th, we started in Japan’s Yokohama and had a ‘2012 Arena Tour in Japan’ in Nagoya-Kobe-Fukuoka. 60,000 Japanese fans came to watch our performance. Seeing the fans go wild about us was ‘a really unbelievable sight.’ I also got gifts that left a deep impression. A set of 12 T-shaped panties with animal faces on the front. I was happy to receive the present but there was a message ‘Definitely wear them.’ Haha. I’m worried about how I’ll wear them.”

-Plans for Japanese promotions with a solo album?
“Not yet. If I have the chance, I’d like to do Japanese promotions too.”

-Something you want to do before the year is up
“I want to enjoy a fun end-of-year party. I want to have a Christmas of end-of-year party and make unforgettable memories with my family or members and friends. It’s not much different from any other normal person in his/her 20s. Haha.”

Source: Joins MSN (SOURCE