Song Ok Suk praises JYJ's Yoochun!

Veteran actress Song Ok Suk (52) has high praises for group JYJ’s Park Yoochun whom she works with in MBC TV’s ‘Missing You’.

On a recent meeting in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do’s SBS Tanhyun Production Centre, she lauded, “I am usually stingy in giving an assessment for rookie actors, but Yoochun is a little special.”

After earlier this year’s SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’, this time again in ‘Missing You’, she appears alongside Park Yoochun.

“During ‘Rooftop Prince’, there were no parts requiring direct acting, and though I was viewing from the sidelines, his extremely hardworking appearance left an impression. Honestly, as he started out as an idol singer, I didn’t think much of him and just lightly went with it. But he worked really hard.”

“I don’t normally talk about the juniors, but Yoochunie possesses a potential that is worthy of praise, hence I openly discuss it,” and, “These days, he can express emotions to a great depth and quickly absorbs whatever I teach, his display of enthusiasm and ability is praiseworthy.”

In ‘Missing You’, Song Ok Suk and Park Yoochun play the roles of a mother who loses her daughter in the hands of a murderer, and the daughter’s friend respectively. The pair who shares the same painful memories lives together as mother and son 14 years after the incident despite not having any blood relation, and shares a sticky bond.

“Among the juniors, there are people who, after being taught, do not listen or do not understand. If a decision is made to become an actor, the spirit of professionalism should be adhered, and poise oneself to challenge and work hard on everything. There are also children who compromise easily in situations, wanting to get by easily. When I see these people, I find it such a pity and feel disappointed. However, Yoochun is different from those children. Although it is unclear if it is because he started out as an idol singer, to break through those (concerns of an idol-turned-actor), he works hard. Having been in this circle for 30 years, I’ve watched many actors. Here too, it’s a world where the weak are prey to the strong, trying to achieve easy success without working hard will not get you far.”

Laughily, she said, “All the ahjummas around me watches ‘Missing You’ because they find Park Yoochun suits their taste after watching him,” and, “Although the drama’s content is difficult, I too, am enjoying the filming while watching Yoochunnie who suits my taste. People are all jealous of me.”

(T/N: Song Ok Suk is also a professor in Department of Acting Arts and Department of Film Arts in Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts)

Source: Yonhap News via Nate
Translated by: 暖日呀呀 via @maettugi