Song JiHyo: “Kim Jaejoong, a friend that I’m thankful for, a stimulus for me”

# Kim Jaejoong, and also JYJ

“It always takes me long time to get acquainted with my co-stars. Even if I try hard, it still takes me a long time to open myself up to someone. It’s my weak point. But this was not the case with Jaejoong, which was a big advantage for me. It was great that I didn’t feel any burden towards him as we were acting together. However, the downside is that because we’re too close to each other, I couldn’t take on an objective view of Jaejoong. Just by looking, I can tell that he indeed worked very hard, did very well and I just find it admirable.”

Song Jihyo didn’t have a love line with such lovely little brother Kim Jaejoong, which is somehow regrettable. “Many people looked at the movie poster and were looking forward to the love line between me and Jaejoong. Actually, one of the reasons for me to choose this movie was that I wouldn’t have love line with him. If, instead, I were to have a love line with someone I didn’t know, then I would be able to fully concentrate. But if I had a love line with Jaejoong, I would feel uneasy. He’s one of my lovely younger brothers. If I had love line with that younger brother, it would be so embarrassing that we wouldn’t be able to face each other. Therefore, rather than regret, I think it’s a relief.”

Song Jihyo revealed that acting with Kim Jaejoong has inspired her.

“I don’t know if Jaejoong has more practical experience than me but his sense of realism, ad-lib and flexibility are very remarkable. Although this is his first movie, I was indeed the one who was inspired. When I acted with the seniors, I had to follow the scenario. But when I worked with Jaejoong, there were many witty surprises; the ad-libs were good and we made many NGs too. Many scenes came out better thanks to Jaejoong. To the point that director-nim didn’t make the ‘cut’ sign in the scenes with Jaejoong. He said that he was curious about what Jaejoong would do.”

“This is Jaejoong’s first movie. Since he tried very hard and gave his all, I think instead of just praising him, I should give him a round of applause. A Kim Jaejoong who stayed strong under any circumstance and perfectly digested his role should be praised. I hope that many people won’t see Jaejoong as Jaejoong but as the character he plays.”

Come to think of it, the bond between Song Jihyo and JYJ’s members is deep. She appeared in a music video with Kim Junsu and has close relationship with Park Yoochun.

“People usually say ‘God is fair’. But I don’t think so when I look at Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. If you look at Jaejoong or Yoochun, they can compose songs, write lyrics and can act well too. I went to watch Junsu’s musical. He was so good. Those guys have great abilities that can amaze people.”

“One of the reasons that I was able to freely get close to my brothers JYJ was that many of their fans kindly welcomed me. I think they feel like I will protect my little brothers. They even came to my fan-sign event and said ‘Please take care of oppa’. I’m thankful that they support me a lot. Thanks to JYJ’s fans, we’re able to be close like sister and brothers.”

Source: OBS News
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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