SHINee Jonghyun & Minho have a selca battle

SHINee's Jonghyun once again captured fans' attention with another selca.

On December 7th, he tweeted,"Let's go!! Singapore!! It's a pink shirt hootkeppoong!! I'll give you another present!!" along with a photo. He was wearing a pink shirt, biting his lips while posing, showed off his fanciful expression. Later he tweeted another photo, this time it was SHINee's Minho who was sitting beside Jonghyun. Minho was seen wearing a demure black cardigan, with his big shining eyes, he looked into the camera and smiled.

Fans commented on the photos,"That pink shirt is really fit on him","Minho' big eyes are so cute","Both of them are handsome" and so on.

Meanwhile SHINee will have their SHINee World Concert II in Singapore on December 8th at Singapore indoor stadium.

Written By: Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET