Shin Hye Sung’s “One More Step” meets with ‘Life of Pi’

Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung’s music has come together with the epic movie, ‘Life of Pi’.

Shin Hye Sung’s “One More Step” off of his recent special album ‘Winter Poetry’ has been selected as music for the movie’s special music video. His sweet vocal and the great scenes will be making a match made in heaven, and present a music video that is almost like another movie.

“One More Step” is a song that encourages people to take further steps from painful side effects of love, and it is a song co-produced by new songwriter Lee An, and arranger Park Ah Sel.

‘Life of Pi’ is an epic adventure movie directed by acclaimed director Ang Lee and based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel. The move premieres in Korea on January 1.

An official from his agency said, “The music video is beyond expectations. We hope people will enjoy the music video of 'One More Step' as much as you would enjoy the movie.”