Seungri "It's getting warm while it's getting cold"

It's winter..
This is absolutely winter..
When I started this blog, the weather was so hot..but it's a cold windy winter..
That means that, You, who read my blog, and Me are together during the hot summer and the cold winter..

LIVE in Tokyo Dome that i looked forward to was a big success.
I'm going to keep this memories in my pocket, while taking out the bad and sad memories out of it. When i remember this memories, i will gain my energy...

To Japan, which i always been thankful for...Right now I'm in Hong Kong again..
I've been used fly here and there... ^^

In Hong Kong,we're planning to do concerts for straight three days. I need to recharge myself from the tiredness...
I'm anticipating the Fans here too..^__^

It seem earthquake hit Japan today...
Is everyone okay?
I'm so worried..
Hope nothing bad happens..

Note: He didn't upload any pictures
Source: @0401rurutic