Seung-chan's Diary: "I am back^^"

Seung-chan's Diary: "I am back^^" : 

Good evening, Tokyo!

How are you? My Tokyo! You are still as beautiful as before!
And it is going to be Christmas soon, the streets are all lit up, makes people feel very excited^^
Tomorrow is my goal, the live held at Tokyo Dome.
4 years ago, in JCB Hall which is beside Tokyo Dome, we held a live in front of 2000 audience. And on that exact same day.. X japan held a concert in Dome.
At that time we thought, one day we will also be able to hold a concert there! Definitely!
The declaration made then, we are finally fulfilling it now.
Isn’t it awesome?!
Tomorrow in front of 55000 people, we will definitely respond well to everyone’s expectations.
Do you know why?
Because we really like Tokyo!
Tomorrow in front of 55000 people
We the 5 members of BIGBANG, can finally see our dreams coming true.
It will definitely be a memorable performance.

Tomorrow, let’s get high together! ^^

Source: 饺子石头剪子布X_gs
Translation by: mspinkmint@tumblr