Secret Hyosung updates about Zinger's condition

Hyosung updates fans about Zinger's condition and apologized for unfortunate events happened after their comeback. In her recent fancafe post written on December 14, she wrote,

Hello, this is Jeon leader… +_+

Everyone’s doing well, right?

First off, I feel very sorry because we…

suddenly delivered such bad news ㅠㅠ

You guys were probably really shocked to..

Although I’m really sad that

something like this happened one week after we had our comeback…,

my heart hurts more thinking

of our Secret Time friends who are probably about to cry worrying about us… ㅠㅠ

We all thankfully received treatment well and we trying to get better quickly while resting,

so don’t worry too much ^^

We went to see Zinger yesterday in the hospital, but

she was going through it strongly while brightly smiling and acting as if she wasn’t hurt one bit even though she’s probably hurting ^^

It’s all thanks to you guys for supporting and worrying about us a lot

I’m so sorry for delivering bad news.. ㅠㅠ

However, this incident isn’t anyone’s fault,

and I believe this should be taken as a positive thing and that in the long-run,

this will become a time for Secret to become more stronger as we rest and look back on our past days ^^

Since we’ll quickly get better and show a better side of us on stage,

please wait just a bit till then, everyone >_<

Thank you so, so much and I’m sorry >_<

Everyone! Be careful of the snowy and rainy roads and be careful of catching a cold +_+ ㅋ

And eat all your meals too, okay? ㅋ

Because we won’t be able to see each other till we go on stage,

let’s meet in our dreams everyone >_<


trans. cr; hyejin @ fuckyeahsecrettime | source cr; secret’s fancafe ; take out with full credits

NOTE: SECRET members got into a major car accident on December 11th because of the icy road. Zinger broke her ribs and got a bruise on her lung.