Sandeul is a different person when he is singing……!?

Vol. 15 Sandeul is a different person when we is singing……!?

Q: Baro said before, that one of Sandeul’s good sides is his “depth of love for singing”.
[Baro] Huh? Did I say something like that?
[Everyone] (laugh).
[Sandeul It’s clearly noted in my memories!
[Baro] That is a wrong memory (laugh).

Q: Then, how about we verify this so that we make sure that that memory isn’t wrong (laugh).
[CNU] Ah~ That’s a good idea (laugh).
[Sandeul] Verify! Why am I the wrong one to begin with?
[Gongchan] That’s true~

Q: I apologize for that. Sandeul is the main vocal of B1A4 who has an overwhelming skill as a singer.
[Sandeul] (refreshes his head and becomes embarrassed)

Q: Since when did you have confidence to say that you were good at singing?
[Everyone] (laugh)
[Sandeul] No no, I have never thought that I was good at singing, not even once.

[Sandeul] It’s true. It’s still true even now. I just love to sing, and I’m always thinking about being better at singing.
[CNU] Sandeul’s earnestness and passion for singing can be felt by us who are always near him.
[Sandeul] Above all, I am the happiest when I’m singing. That’s why when I sing, I put in all of my effort.
[Baro] That’s true. Sandeul is a different person when he’s singing (laugh).
[Gongchan] He has a different aura!
[Jinyoung] You wouldn’t be able to think that “his life is a sitcom”. You especially can’t imagine that Sandeul when he is singing his solo parts.
[Sandeul] Eh, but I think I’m completely the same.
[Everyone] You’re totally different~~!!
[Sandeul]……(sinks). You guys don’t have to all deny it at the same time……
[CNU] That just shows how attractive you are when you’re singing!
[Sandeul] CNU hyu—ng! (embraces). But (all of a sudden calm) does that mean that I’m usually……
[Jinyoung] We’re complimenting you so don’t try to seek more!
[Sandeul] Am I really being complimented~
[Gongchan] We are praising you~
[Sandeul] Then, ok.
[Everyone] (laugh)

Q: By the way, do you usually practice singing even in the dorm?
[Sandeul] Yes. Not only me, but with the whole group.

Q: When you practice, is there someone who takes initiative and say “Let’s practice now~”?
[CNU] There isn’t a specific person(?)
[Jinyoung] We’re usually just like individually practicing and we just naturally come together and are just like “Let’s practice~”
[Baro] Pretty much. In our daily lives, we do vocal exercises as much as possible, but Sandeul, in order to keep his throat opened, he sings in the car while we’re going somewhere, and is also singing when he is showering at home.
[Sandeul] It’s good for my throat because there’s moisture. And there’s naturally an echo.
[Baro] Your voice echoes in the bathroom right! Additionally, Sandeul’s natural voice is already loud, but he sings seriously so his voice is even louder. Even if I have my rooms’ door closed, I can hear his singing.
[Jinyoung] It’s noisy (laugh). I’m used to it already, but in the beginning, when I was making songs, I wasn’t able to concentrate on working because I could hear Sandeul’s singing.
[Sandeul] Really~

Q: You didn’t tell Sandeul “You’re being noisy so please be quiet”?
[Jinyoung] I thought it was noisy, but I also thought that this was for Sandeul’s improvement so I shouldn’t say anything. I just listen.

Q: So you didn’t say anything for Sandeul’s sake.
[Sanceul] Jinyoung hyu—ng (clings on with tears)

Q: Everyone is so kind!
[Baro] But when I reach my limits, I open the window (laugh).
[Sandeul] So that’s what it was. I just thought that maybe because the air is bad~
[CNU] That’s a big misunderstanding (laugh). But I think you’re fine the way you are.

Q: Now that you know about the truth, what are you going to do about singing in the car?
[Sandeul] I won’t stop (straightforward). To become better and to grow as a singer, my everyday habits are important. But I don’t want to cause trouble to everyone so I will hold it down a little bit.
[Gongchan] You don’t have to mind until we open the window (laugh).
[Sandeul] (while sparkling his eyes) Really!? Then I will sing all the way until someone opens the window~!
[Everyone] (laugh)

source: ORICON
trans cr: kouko @ AVIATEB1A4