Roh JiHoon holds Christmas Event

Singer Roh JiHoon has prepared for a special Christmas present.

On the 14th, agency, Cube Entertainment has revealed a Christmas special event on  their official twitter, titled ‘Oh! Carol with Roh JiHoon’.

At 4PM on this day, Roh JiHoon has performed a live stage in front of Cube Cafe for fans who came.
According to a representative of Cube Entertainment, Roh JiHoon has stripped off his image as a strong dance singer, and sang an acoustic version of carols, winter love songs and more, grabbing fans’ hearts.

Meanwhile, Roh JiHoon has debuted with ‘Being Punished’ last month, and has been grabbing attention as the next male soloist in the music industry.
Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: TV Daily