Park Myung Soo wins grand prize at 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards

Comedian Park Myung Soo received the grand award at the 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards which took place at the D Hall in the Yeoeuido Broadcasting Center on December 29. This marked his first top award he received from the country’s major television networks since his debut two decades ago.

During his acceptance speech, Park Myung Soo said, “I wasn’t going to cry but tears are forming. This is an award I’ve dreamed about all my life.” He also showed his affection to her wife saying, “I wanted to tell my wife who says it’s her doing if I receive this award. I think my wife helped me a lot this time, I really mean it. I love you, Han Soo Min.”

Park Myung Soo is known for his witty hosting of various programs like “Infinite Challenge,” “I Am a Singer 2,” “Ultimate Quiz Show Q” and “Fall in Comedy.”