ORANGE CARAMEL to release 3D “devil-friendly” CD and ”rienda” headphones special BOX!

“3D sound CD”friendly demon”" + “” rienda”headphones” special

will be released on December 12 “devil-friendly” CD + “” rienda “original headphones” Special BOX containing 3D sound! December! BOX!
Decided to launch a special BOX logo plate w/ headphones for popular brand “rienda” CD debut single released in September “friendly demon” 3D Sound Version that were recorded and became set!
3D Sound Version ”friendly demon” is check so you can listen to ORANGE CARAMEL-official site from the back!
“3D Sound Version ”friendly demon”
Sound and 3D sound and listen through headphones, hear from outside around left and right up and down, and headphones in three dimensions that is.

Short story named “catch the devil back and forth up and down left and right to move about doing” 3D sound are included this time, included ORANGE CARAMEL was early-mid-late in the song.
“”Rienda”Obi charm with earbuds]
Is the コラボレーションオリジナルイヤ phone and designed by popular brand “rienda” ORANGE CARAMEL.

Have a logo plate with orange glitter, “rienda” logo.
Release date: 12/12/2012
Format: CD + earphones
Price: ¥ 2200 (tax included)
[CD tracklist]
Eco-friendly Devil [3D Mix Long Version]
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