Nichkhun Interview as Mitsubishi Mirage Presenter

Q How do you feel being a presenter for Mirage again?
K: I’m glad and proud to be a part of such a great project to help Thailand just like the ECO CAR project. This is an age of ECO CAR. The car can reduce pollution and also the global warming. During this period many people have been interested in ECO CAR. I’m glad to be the person who stimulates Thai people to concern about economical both for money and the fuel. Especially about global warming

Q Yesterday you came for the CF filming. How was it?
K: Um… It was hot (laugh) and so much fun. This was film in Thailand. We shot at Asiatique along Jaopraya river. So in this CF you will see the scene along the river. This is my first time at Asiatique as well. I didn’t know that there is a beautiful place in such a small alley. I think next time I will go there for travel.

Q: If you would like to compare Nichkhun and Mitsubishi Mirage, is there anything in common?
K: UM What can I say? If I said I can’t turn on my remote control is something I have in common is it ok (laugh) Economy !! Since I am quite economical. Once I need to buy something I am so economical. Mitsubishi Mirage is so economical only 22 km/liter. It’s really amazing.

Q: If you have to choose Mirage for 2PM members who you will choose to buy for
I will give Mirage to Wooyoung. He just passed a driver license exam but he didn’t buy a car yet. I will recommend him this Mirage it was such a small car easy to drive comfortable and economical. He would like it.

Q: Because of many good points this is why you bought Mirage for your younger sister as well.
K: Yes , Actually I bought Mirage for my sister but my dad take it (laugh) Since he just sold his old car then he use Mirage. My sister has to use the bus instead. (laugh) So I may need to buy another one. I used to sit in the car while my dad drove Mirage. It was so comfortable. There are a lot of space more than I thought. I am quite tall and have a problem sitting in some cars but Mirage I can sit both in the front and back seat.

Q: This is a request question from staff. On the back of truck in Thailand they will have a sticker phase with nice slogan. If you would like to create one, what phase will you put on the sticker?
K: Oh I never thought you gonna ask this kind of question. Let me think a bit. “Khun made Khun (you) more economical” It this okay? This suit this car the most. My fans start processing the sticker now (laugh)

Q: This visit not only for Mirage presenter you also have a chance to go to child disability foundation as well. How was it?
K: All the kids are so cheerful, always smile and so cute. At first I thought how we could play with them. Will they know me? Once I arrived they are screaming for me. Asked for my autograph and would like to take pictures with me. They are so welcome. They have shows as well. The wheelchair dance they can do the drift on the wheelchair do the acrobatics as well. Some playing Thai instruments. They are also encouraging me a lot. I am really thanks them for yesterday.

Q: What do you mean by encouraging you ?
K: During my work , I faced some obstacles , tried , and feel discourage  Once I saw them yesterday. Some of them don’t have one leg, one arm but they can do it. Like when they eat, one of the kids doesn’t have arm but he tried to use his mouth and eat by himself. But we, us who has everything can’t do it. They made me think once again that once we have endeavor nothing we cannot do. I really thank them for encouraging me. Actually yesterday I intended to encourage them but I was the one who got encourage by them.

Q: Do you have time to do this kind of activity in Korea?
K: Yes ,once I have time to be with disabled children. I was a volunteer at a disability children foundation in a temple for one and a half month. I went there to help them taking a shower , feed them and play with them. I feel so good to return something back to the society as well.

Q: This month is December. The 5th of December is special day for Thai people would you say something to the King.
K: All Thais love the King. I also love the King. I would like him to be with us for a long time that would possible. Pardon me I don’t know any royal words. Don’t think I am impolite. From the bottom of my heart I want him to be with us for a long time. Long Live the King. And for father's day, don’t forget your father and return your father's favor. Take your father out or eat out. Find some activities that both of you can do together. I am jealous of everyone who is able to be with your father. I always in Korea during father’s day , mother’s day. I can only call them. So I wish everyone to be with your dad don’t forget to tell him that you love him and prostrate him. Start from this special day and do it everyday.

Q: So this time to all the people around the world. Will you wish all Thai Happy new year?
K : for this new year I wish everyone to have a good health. This will be a good start. Don’t forget the new year resolution and do all the best. I wish you all to be healthy and may your wishes come true. Hope you all will succeed.

Q: Lastly would you please say something tor fans who are waiting for you?
K: Thank youto those who have been waiting for me. Now I have time to work in Thailand. Thank you for  always encouraging me. From now on, I hope I would have time to go to Thailand more often. To see Thai fans more. I wish everyone healthy and wealthy.

credit: Mthai