"Missing You" is now the National Drama

MBC Drama Missing You has been green-lighted as national drama looking at the attention given by viewers and netizens on official website and various online communities, SNS etc. Hence the popular term “Bog-Day which carries the meaning of “Bogoshipda Day” has been coined

The drama has seen a steady rise of viewership especially on 12th December, which was 11.7% based on AGB Nielsen ratings report, making it the number 1 drama on the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

It has been referred to as (必’+ must-see drama drama) and netizens are leaving comments like ‘Finally Bog-Day’ ‘I want to know the truth’ ‘Get your handkerchief ready’

Viewers are also anticipating how the storyline will unfold as Han Jung Woo finally meets Lee Soo Yeon again after 14 years being apart, but under the stalking eyes of Harry Borrison. A love triangle is definitely inevitable.

Suspense and curiousity also arise about the investigative element of the drama which involves revenge, murder and kidnapping. Who else is involved in the Kang Dang Seuk murder other than the cleaning lady? What is Han Jung Woo’s father next step? What is he going to do with Harry’s mother?

Source: Nate
Excerpts Translated by : Sheena & Postcardstoyuchun