Mir, "We have lots of individual activities"

On December 1st, Mir updates fans on what the group is up to these days. He wrote a post on their fancafe,

TITLE: Hello!!!!This is Mir!!
Hello everyone,,it's been a long time,,

In the meantime I am wondering how have you been with nothing happening,,hoho,,

These days I have been living crazily busy ~

While this is the first time that MBLAQ has come up with an album for so long I think this is also the first time we are so busy,,

Although there isn't a time where we are not busy but this time round we have a lot of individual activities which let us have a chance to learn more

I think this is the first time,,hoohoo,,

So as usual album will be a little late but I think we would not grow impatient or frustrated,,

Although everyone has been waiting a lot and got a little tired but we will always work hard in presenting the best of ourselves in our individual activities

We will also have constant meetings for the next album,,hoohoo

Without us knowing December is already here and I feel that this year will pass by really quickly,,

It is truly great to be living busily,,hmm,,

Anyway nowadays the weather has been ridiculously cold everyone please do dress well,,

Stay happy always each and everyday,,,Hwaiting ~ !

Source: MBLAQ's Daum Cafe
Translated/Reuploaded: SilenceLuv@mblaqattack.net