MBLAQ's G.O is a fantastic gamer

MBLAQ member G.O revealed a screenshot of the mobile game “Everybody’s Game” (from KakaoTalk) showing its highest scores ranking.

G.O revealed a picture/screenshoot from “Everybody’s Game” on twitter on the 25th.

On the photo, it showed “Everybody’s Game” ranking with No.1 G.O captured. It catches one’s eye that with 6.56 million, he surpasses/beats second place, TVXQ’s U-know Yunho.

Netizen’s comment/react “Terrific/Fantastic! How hard/long it must be to get over 6.5 million in the game” “#4 Lee Joon?” and many others.

Meanwhile, G.O is schedule on the 26thnoon to release “Because It’s Heaven” for “King of Dramas” OST.

Source: Nate
TRANSLATION: liliceprincess @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.