Macau falls in love with 2PM’s hotness

2PM’s charisma has captured Macau!

The group entered Macau with a royal welcome of the local fans at the airport on December 21st, and had a HI-5 event and a press interview in the afternoon. At the event, 2PM met around 300 fans, who have been nominated among the 8,000 concert audience, and also shared welcoming greetings with the fans, who were waiting and cheering enthusiastically outside the door.

On the day of the concert on the 22nd, there was an unusual scene at the concert hall with overcrowding fans, who came to watch the concert and to see 2PM. From early in the morning, the fans awaited the line to watch the concert, proving the popularity of 2PM in local.

The concert started with passionate shouts that filled the concert venue, and 2PM’s splendid stage performance and live added to its excitement. The various placards of the 2PM’s fans from each country like Macau, Korea, Japan, Thailand, made the concert even more fancy and luxurious.

Having Christmas ahead, the member Nichkhun presented the fans with a Christmas carol, and especially, there was a marvelous shouts when he sang part of the song in Cantonese. Furthermore, Taecyeon had the happiest birthday party with 8,000 fans at his surprise birthday party, prepared by the 5 members and the fans. The fans were also moved by the members’ Christmas gift at the encore performance.

After completing the concert in success, 2PM has expressed, “Having Christmas ahead, we appreciate Macau fans for giving us a huge gift of love,” and “We have finished 2012 Tour concert in Macau after performing in Shanghai, Jakarta, Taiwan with gratitude. Please give much interest and love to our 2013 Tour Concert that will be held in Singapore, Guangzhou, Philippines, and Bangkok.”

Source: 2PM