Lee Seunggi & KB Financial Group’s ‘Sharing Warm Winter for the Elderly’ service project

 Seunggi’s speech about being a KB endorsement model over the years.

@2:10~ LSG: “As KB Financial Group endorsement model, it’s been a great match over the years. KB and I have been together for a long time, and I believe that many people in the public have been able to benefit from this as well. After my drama finished, as a financial group endorsement model, my financial literacy wasn’t up to par since I hadn’t looked into things carefully. But I went to the center for this first time and learned more about this…”


LSG’s full speech cut (below) is seriously daebak~~ sincerity, gratitude, positivity.  Awesome public speaking ability to connect with people…

Seunggi said even though he’s done this annual event a few times, he still gets nervous thinking about what he should say up front at the podium, to encourage everyone.  And he feels shy about being before them.

With his album’s release, he’s returned for a few broadcast tv activities after a long while.  He mentioned his concert, and found out that a lot of KB people came too.  Aw  And that the match between him and KB has been great over the years.  After his drama wrapped, he went to an affiliate center and spent 3 hours there to brush up on his financial literacy.  Hehe.

He said most of the people he knows use KB bank, and handling finances are an important matter to people, and he felt proud to be associated with the name KB Bank which has high reputation among so many people.

He said he’s going into his 5th year as endorsement model for KB, and his first Hope Concert name started together with KB, and he still uses that for his annual concerts.  He always carries a lot of pride and confidence as an endorsement model for KB Financial Group.  And although he participates in several community volunteer events like this, he always can feel the sincerity and warmth that comes from being involved in these kinds of things.

He closed with saying that in all that he does, whether on stage or through his different projects, he’ll work hard to be an encouragement and strength to everyone. 

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