Lee Jun Ki wraps up Japanese fan meet with 10,000 fans

Actor Lee Jun Ki successfully wrapped up his fan meeting in Japan with about 10,000 fans.

On December 4th and 5th, Lee Jun Ki held fan meetings titled J‘JG TIME with you… in JAPAN’ at Nagoya, Osaka, and Yokohama, and at least 10,000 fans showed up despite the cold weather. The event was specially prepared to celebrate Christmas with Japanese fans.

It’s been nearly nine months since Lee Jun Ki stood in front of his Japanese fans and with a nervous look on his face, he greeted his fans in Japanese. The fans welcomed him with a shout of joy.

During the event, Lee Jun Ki talked about how he has been doing recently, and different works that he did. He also impressed the fans with his different performances, which he has been rehearsing every day for a long time.

Lee Jun Ki stated, “Thank you for giving me all your support here in this cold weather. I’m planning to have more active promotions in Japan in the near future, and I hope to meet the fans again with a new work as soon as possible.”