Lee Hyun Woo featured as cover model for Chinese magazine

Actor Lee Hyun Woo has become a star in China!

According to his management Key East, Lee Hyun Woo was featured as the cover model for the December issue of Chinese magazine ‘Trendy’. The magazine introduces the actor as a next-generation Hallyu star. It not only reviews all the drama series he has appeared on but also tells about his career goal and interest.

‘Trendy’ claimed, “Lee Hyun Woo is well known for his drama, ‘Master of Study’ and ‘The Equator Man’. His recent drama series ‘To The Beautiful You’ has drawn much popularity to himself.”

Key East Entertainment also stated, “Lee Hyun Woo is currently very popular in Asia. He attracted over 5,000 people when he had fan meetings in Singapore and Malaysia in October. He is currently garnering interest through his appearances on interviews and broadcast.”