Lay-T criticized for their sexy outfits

Rookie girl group LAY-T received criticisms on various community boasrd because of their unsuitable performance that took place in a temple of Korea.

The photos of LAY-T were taken during the Mt. Chungkyesan music festival that took place at the Buddhist ceremony.  The group members wore absolutely short skirts and their dance steps were also too sexy, which were considered as lack of consideration.

Some netizens criticized Lay-T for not aware of the culture, wearing such exposing costumes were totally offensive. However there were also some good responses stating that the temple is entirely a possible location to celebrate cultural events like music, art performance, include performances of the idol groups.

LAY-T is a rookie group debuting in 2012 with TISCO music style (trot + disco) and released their first album titled Lay.T.

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews